Data sets

Our datasets

We have a wide variety of datasets. These are available as ready-to-use batch files and we have developed several products and APIs. In addition, we specialize in creating custom solutions that seamlessly meet your needs. Below you will find an overview of our datasets.

Location data

It all starts with the right location!

POI data

The power of data visualization

Real estate data

Make more informed investment decisions

All-in-one permit data

Make more informed investment decisions

Consumer data

Understand your customer’s needs

Company data

Targeting the right companies?

Mobility and logistics data

Optimize mobility for people and goods

Emergency services data

Insight into neighborhood safety

A world built on data & technology


196 Countries mapped

+ 500

More than 500 million properties, companies and households in our databases


24 terabytes of data collected yearly


Over 10 years of experience

Trusted data

We guarantee the reliability of our data. Thanks to validated data governance processes in which we use data from the government, solid data partners and external public sources. We periodically perform internal and external audits on our databases and models, ensuring the highest quality and completeness. Matrixian Group produces the highest conceivable privacy and data security standards and works ISO 27.001 compliant, AVG-proof and provided with the Gold Privacy Guarantee Label.Don’t become a casualty of “garbage in, garbage out” mentality. Count on our data integrity when making key business decisions.

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