Property Data Customer Profiles

Segment your target audience with real estate data

Gain perfect insights into your customer base and target the right individuals

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Find your ideal customers with real estate data

Access invaluable insights into your customer base and precisely pinpoint your target audience using our Property Estate Data Customer Profiles. With our extensive real estate data, we can accurately segment based on key characteristics like property type, location, price range, and even specific attributes such as solar panel ownership. This enables you to efficiently connect with the right individuals for your products and services, including through targeted Direct Mailings (DM).



Optimize your marketing efforts with targeted real estate data!

Property Data Customer Profiles provide access to the most comprehensive real estate database in the Netherlands. Based on your specific real estate criteria, we can compile specific customer profiles. Whether it’s identifying homeowners with a specific property type, selecting homes within a certain price range, or finding addresses of homes with flat roofs that don’t yet have solar panels – we have the data you need!

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Advantages of Property Data Customer Profiles

  • Prevents unnecessary costs by avoiding incorrect audience targeting
  • Increases the effectiveness of your marketing efforts
  • Boosts the conversion of your marketing campaigns by aligning with your audience
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Rody Botellier

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