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In today’s digitized world, your customers can no longer ignore it – an accurate database is crucial. Unreliable data can seriously damage business operations, as (potential) customers are not (properly) reached, incorrect insights are obtained, wrong conclusions are drawn and mistaken decisions are easily made. By partnering up with us you can provide your customers with high quality data, which means that they avoid unnecessary costs, target the right people, have correct business understanding and can make data-driven decisions.

Data solutions

As a data technology company we own a large volume of location, POI, real estate, all-in-one permit, consumer, company, emergency, mobility and logistics data. Due to our rich datasets we can offer ready-to-use batch files and have developed plenty of interfaces and APIs that validate, clean and supplement all sorts of databases and systems. In addition, we specialize in creating custom data solutions. Specific wishes are therefore no problem.


A partnership can be designed in different ways. For example, you can integrate our batch files, interfaces and APIs into your own systems, but you can also resell our products as a white label, or choose to have us take sales responsibilities. As a partner you can log into our Matrixian platform, which gives you access to all the functions we offer. Not only can you use and resell our data products and interactive maps, but you can also exchange batch files in a secured environment and get access to all required product documentation.


  • Provide your customers with excellent data.

  • Enrich your systems with real-time data that is constantly updated.

  • Gain competitive advantages.

  • Flexible pricing models and strong revenue opportunities.

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Luke Liplijn

Luke Liplijn

CEO & Founder

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