Matrixian Group has been approved as member of the DDMA. The Data Driven Marketing Association is the cross-media trade association for the marketing industry in the Netherlands. This is one of the fastest growing sectors of the industry in Western Europe. The Data Driven Marketing Association represents the interests of the users, service providers and media, both at a Dutch and European level. The organisation also functions as a communications and knowledge platform for professionals who work in data-driven marketing. The DDMA represents the political interests of its members in both national and international alliances. The Data Driven Marketing Association strongly believes in the active self-regulation of the industry.

The DDMA is continuously in development in terms of the maintenance and supervision of self-regulation codes for communication channels such as social media, e-mail, privacy, field marketing and Listbroking. These codes are designed to help protect both the industry and the consumer. DDMA is the initiator of the Privacy Guarantee label. A quality label to ensure correct use of personal data for data-driven marketing purposes. The Privacy Guarantee label is exclusively granted to members of the Dutch Data Driven Marketing Association. DDMA members have committed to the standards of ethical behaviour.

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