After a long period of working from home, employees are gradually returning to the workplace. One condition is that sufficient distance must be kept. Meeting at a distance of 1.5 meters has therefore become ‘the new normal’. But what exactly is that? What is 1.5 meters distance? To avoid having to be ready with a tape measure every time, we came up with something fun that can be applied practically and with which the square meters in the office can be used as optimally as possible: the 1.5 meter Augmented Reality filer!

Easily determine distance

Augmented Reality (AR) is also called ‘added reality’ in Dutch. It can be seen as a digital layer placed over reality. You’ve probably seen this before. Think of an effect that shows what you will look like years later, a Pokémon running across the street or digital furniture that can be ‘tested’ in your living room before purchasing. As a Location Driven Data Company, we have used AR technology in the environment. This way we have made it possible to easily determine a distance of 1.5 meters. After scanning an area, circles on your phone screen will show you the appropriate distance and prevent you and your colleagues from getting too close to each other. It offers users an interactive experience that can help them comply with the corona measures.

Not a trend but a keeper!

It is often seen that technology that is initially aimed at young people later moves to the business market. We suspect this will also happen with AR. There are numerous examples of why this technology is useful, including signage and instructions in buildings. The animated ‘reality’, which used to be mainly used in gaming, becomes more lifelike and offers numerous possibilities for various sectors, such as sales, communication and marketing. The 1.5 meter filter is an example of this. Until there is a vaccine, it can be used in all kinds of industries. We therefore expect that AR development will be accepted as the new normal in daily business within the next three years.

How to use the filter

If you like to use the 1.5 meter filter there are two ways you can do this. You can use the filter at your own location and see what the 1.5 meter radius is around yourself or you can use the filter at someone else’s location. For example, you can see what the 1.5 meter radius around your colleague is. You can use the filter for free via one of the following options:

– Use the filter via your mobile:
– Search Instagram for ‘1,5m filter’
– Scan the QR-code below: