Amsterdam, August 1, 2023 – Matrixian, the leading data and AI company in the real estate sector announces the launch of their latest service: the Desktop Valuation. This innovative service will be offered from September 1, 2023 through the yet-to-be-launched consumer label Homematrix. It uses human and artificial intelligence to provide a broad audience with automated and complete home appraisal reports, without the need for a physical inspection by an appraiser.

Matrixian is known for providing comprehensive and accurate real estate data services to businesses and professionals. With the introduction of the Desktop Valuation, they are expanding their services to also serve private homeowners and potential buyers. Soon everyone can benefit from an independent valuation of a house via Homematrix. The ideal solution for anyone who wants a home valuation report quickly, efficiently, and affordably.

Fully automatc appraisal report

Matrixian has the most extensive real estate database in the Netherlands, in which they have collected more than 600 characteristics for each home from various sources. By combining this wealth of data with AI (artificial intelligence), Desktop Valuation determines the value of a home within seconds – fully automated. A local appraiser validates the model value and then selects the most suitable reference homes. The consumer will then receive the full valuation report by email within 4 hours. This not only contains the market value but also a cadastral map, construction data, the ownership notice, and information about the energy label.

Simple and recognized 

During a traditional appraisal, an appraiser visits to determine the home value. This takes several days and costs on average between €500 and €1000. Thanks to Matrixian’s extensive home data, this is no longer necessary. The required property information can now be retrieved automatically within seconds, saving a lot of time and money. The data power is then combined with the expertise of local appraisers, who play a crucial role in assessing home values ​​and selecting the right reference properties. To achieve this, Matrixian works closely with a national network of appraisers, bringing the power of data and local expertise together in one report.

Matrixian respects and follows the rules of the European Banking Authority (EBA) and the Dutch Register of Real Estate Appraisers (NRVT). Partly thanks to the significant advantages that a Desktop Valuation offers, more and more mortgage providers are accepting the innovation – for the time being only for applications up to 90 percent of the purchase price of a home. Several lenders have already indicated that they will accept Matrixian’s Desktop Valuation service.

Climaat risks comprehensively and nationally in focus

When it comes to real estate, every investment must be rock solid – literally. That is why it is important to look not only at the past when making valuations, but also at the future. Climate risks are playing an increasingly important role in this. The chance of heavy rainfall, storms, or floods has an impact on where and how you live. That is why the climate chapter is not an appendix, but a permanent part of Matrixian’s Desktop Valuation.

Matrixian also draws on its own extensive database for this: it has mapped out the climate risks for every Dutch home and divided them into environmental risks and building risks. This information is crucial for the home value calculation. In addition, Matrixian’s Desktop Valuation will eventually also include advice on sustainability or value-increasing home investments.

Benefits of a Desktop Valuation for consumers

+ Price Desktop appraisal is hundreds of euros cheaper than a regular appraisal

+ Speed ​​The home value report is ready within four hours

+ Convenience Want to stay home for the appraiser? That is no longer necessary!

About Homematrix

Homematrix serves as the platform that makes Matrixian’s data and AI services accessible to consumers. Matrixian believes that well-informed consumers are better able to make informed decisions, especially when buying and selling homes. That is why it is Matrixian’s job to provide independent housing information that provides maximum support to consumers and in-depth insight into the true value of real estate.