Why the House Value Report

With the ever-growing (inter)national regulations, the process of creating a valuation report has become increasingly time-consuming. Additionally, the purchase and sales process of houses require a substantial amount of information. It is evident that these processes can be quite laborious. However, the House Value Report is here to alleviate these challenges. By using this tool you can significantly save time while enhancing the quality of your services. Experience the efficiency and effectiveness of the House Value Report to streamline your operations and provide exceptional value to your clients.

Give your sales pitch or house valuation a quality boost!

The House Value Report provides you with highly accurate market values of individual houses. In addition, the report provides a complete overview of the location details, constructional information, the energy label, a cadastral map and comparable transactions. When determining the market value of a house our advanced Automated Valuation Model (AVM) is used, which is based on numerous characteristics of comparable houses. For example, selling prices, type of housing, year of construction, living area and plot area.

Via the Matrixian platform you can use the House Value Report. Register now and easily generate a home value report in your own corporate identity!


  • Supports sales pitches and appraisals
  • Provides highly accurate market values of individual houses
  • Based on most recent comparable transactions
  • Complete overview of house information
  • In accordance with the NRVT regulations
  • Saves time and money
  • Available in your own corporate identity


Audit NRVT

In addition to the monthly internal test we are annually tested by the Dutch Real Estate Appraisers Register Foundation (NRVT). We have this independent assessment carried out to ensure the highest level of quality of our AVM. We think it is important that customers can trust us and we believe that transparency and verifiability are essential indicators for this.


ISAE 3402 type II certificate

With the ISAE 3402 type II certificate we once again show our customers that the outsourcing of the delivery of market values of houses is in good hands with us ​.


 “When I request the report from you, I always have a thrilling presentation.
I am happy with that and my customers also like it very much. “

Siep Roelfzema

Roelfzema Vastgoedadviseurs BV

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