Sustainable Roofs Opportunity Map

Transform your real estate portfolio towards a sustainable future

Gain insight into the sustainability potential of your real estate portfolio!

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Efficiently and effectively green your real estate portfolio

In a time where greening real estate is a crucial ambition, we understand the challenges faced by portfolio managers. Often, there’s a lack of clarity on where to start and which interventions will have the most impact. Our advanced data solutions provide insight into the current sustainability status of your real estate and identify the most efficient and effective greening measures you can take.

Understanding the sustainable potential

The Sustainable Roofs Opportunity Map reveals the full potential of each roof surface. Through advanced data analysis, we identify the most feasible, profitable, and beneficial sustainable solutions for your real estate. Whether it’s solar panels, green roofs, or other sustainable interventions, we provide concrete recommendations backed by facts and figures.

The Sustainable Roofs Opportunity Map

Enter an address and click on the roof to view optimal roof usage:


  • Effective strategy: Provide direction to your sustainability efforts with a clear plan based on data analysis.
  • Maximum impact: Identify the most profitable and feasible sustainable solutions for your real estate.
  • Cost-saving: Prevent resource wastage by investing in sustainable solutions that offer the best returns.
  • Backed by facts: Our recommendations are based on thorough research and analysis, allowing you to invest in the future with confidence.


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