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Why the Sustainable Roofs Opportunity Map?

Sustainable housing is high on the political agenda. And for good reason: We must be careful with the environment if we want to guarantee a viable future to new generations. Sustainable roofs offer a great opportunity. They contribute to environmental goals and provide a solution to heat nuisance, water storage problems and pollution in cities. They also extend the lifespan of roofs and provide a better livable environment for humans and animals. However, it should be noted that sustainable roofs come in different shapes and sizes and that not every roof is suitable for all types of sustainable roofing. It is therefore necessary to map out which possibilities there are and which are optimal. We have therefore, in collaboration with Rooftop Revolution, developed the Sustainable Roofs Opportunity Map.

Combining, integrating and modeling datasets

The Sustainable Roofs Opportunity Map is an interactive map that shows per roof which sustainable roofing option is the most feasible, profitable and advantageous. All the necessary information becomes available, by simply clicking on a roof. The map is created by combining multiple datasets. For example, building characteristics such as height, type of roof and year of construction are combined with the environmental factors such as water level (after rainfall), degree of heat and sunlight. By integrating and modeling these datasets we  create an added value. For every roof we can now find the optimal roof implementation: a modern flat roof in a water-stressed area, for example, is perfectly suited for a green roof with water retaining qualities and an old sloping roof with good solar radiation is ideal for solar panels.

This product can be used directly via the Matrixian platform!

The Sustainable Roofs Opportunity Map

Enter an address and click on the roof to view the optimal sustainable roofing:


  • Insight into optimal sustainable roofing
  • Contributes to environmental goals

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