Good prospecting leads to new customers and new business. But how do you turn a prospect into a lead and a lead into a customer? A good preparation is half the battle here. That is why I give you a few useful tips for an optimal preparation of your acquisition.


The success factors of prospecting

Via prospecting, you look for new potential customers. That starts with a strong proposition: what do you have to offer, what are your USPs? Next, it is important to know who has a need for your solutions. And: why is your product or service relevant for this company, what problem do you solve? The answer to this last question can be different for every potential customer. If you can figure that out, then the likelihood of your prospecting being successful increases significantly.


Prospecting = empathising

With good prospecting and acquisition, you know what is going on with the company you are going to approach. Then you can think of how to respond to that. This means you are going to form an image of the prospect so that you can come up with a customised solution. This way, you make yourself relevant and meaningful. And that contributes to that important goodwill factor.


Tips to make your cold acquisition warm

If you know what your prospect needs, you look for an ‘angle’ that creates an entry with your prospect. Look for persons first: are there people you are connected to in some way or can connect with? Names always work well! You can also have a link via another company. Such as a business that is located at the same address as your prospect. Indicate that you are already in contact with them or do business with them. This creates trust and contributes to the goodwill factor. Another convenient way to create a way in is via social media. You can often find good leads in the posts of your prospect!

In short, check whether there are characteristics that can turn your cold acquisition into a warm one. The business profile tool from Matrixian Group can help you with that.


Prospecting through business profiles

With our tool for business profiles, you can look up any company and view important information. Think of contact persons, financial data, real estate data, the number of locations, social media and whether there is a web shop. Especially interesting is the special tool for finding all contact persons: type in the URL of your prospect and you will immediately see all names, e-mail addresses and phone numbers of all employees listed on the website.  This allows you to easily select the characteristics that are valuable to your prospecting. Or better yet: for building a relationship with this company. Because that is the only way your prospect will become a customer!