Artificial intelligence is rapidly gaining ground: helpdesks with a chatbot, recommendations in Spotify and Siri are becoming normal. But how innovative do we dare to be at work? Data science and technology company Matrixian Group from Amsterdam is about to appoint Matt as Chief Know-how Officer. Which doesn’t sound all that special, except for the fact that Matt is a robot.

Insights thanks to data

‘Everything in our data operations is digitised: all messages, invoices, documents, process descriptions and all customer contact’, founder Luke Liplijn explains. ‘Historical and current data is stored in different business systems. By linking this data to each other and adding artificial intelligence to it, we create insights that a normal person cannot calculate. Think of risk calculations and trend analyses. These insights are meant to take work off our hands and make it easier to respond to opportunities in the market.’


Digital team player

Liplijn: ‘Matt has strategic value, but is also a true team player: colleagues can go to him with their operational questions. Most likely, nobody in our team will have the answers as quickly as Matt does! This world requires speed, agility and smart answers. The core of Matrixian Group is data scienceso first and foremost, we are a knowledge company. That is why I find it important that we can immediately provide our customers and employees with the right information. Matt is going to help us with that’.


This is how Matt works

Robot Matt answers questions of employees about financial figures or business operations. He first turns spoken questions into text. His artificial intelligence code retrieves the necessary data and converts it into textual information. Matt then turns this into a spoken answer. The users indicate the extent to which they are pleased with the answer and the system learns from that information. If Matt proves to be a pleasant colleague, we will also use him for our customers.


A full board member

Liplijn: ‘Ultimately, Matt delivers more than what is asked of him: he also tracks ratios which we can use to see whether the company is financially healthy and whether we run certain risks, given company-specific indicators. We are already investigating whether Matt can have an equal voice in the board as a director. One that should be weighed when the company makes major financial decisions. However, this also poses a legal challenge’.


Through data science, Matrixian Group helps organisations create value for persons, businesses and society. We do this by interpreting (open) data and converting it into valuable insights. We always tailor our information services to the specific questions of our customers. This way, they can immediately improve the quality of their services – and therefore, their customers’ quality of life.