Marketing and customer approach often occur without proper coordination between the message and the time at which the message is most relevant to the potential customer. Large budgets are made utilised for a large group of consumers. In some cases, selections have already been made at the wealth level, the family composition or the life phase. Although this undoubtedly contributes to the ROI, it would be better to approach consumers with a specific service or product when it is most relevant to that consumer.


Event-driven marketing

With Event-Driven Marketing (EDM), the commercial and communication activities are based on identified relevant changes to the individual needs of a customer.

With Event-Driven Marketing, you respond to relevant events in a consumer’s life. The moment at which something happens is determined by the consumer rather than the marketeer. The same action can occur at different moments for different consumers. This is an important feature of EDM and a major difference with direct marketing, where a campaign is carried out by the marketeer at a certain moment.


How do we obtain this specific information?

Matrixian Group has developed its own system to enable tracking different data sources systematically. This involves open data from governments, structured and unstructured data on the Internet, and social media data. Through intelligent analyses of this data, we are able to provide clients with current addresses for event-driven marketing actions.


4 Examples of how companies can use this event-driven address selection:


Easily target at the moment of relocation
Matrixian Group can easily make selections for you based on specific home characteristics in a certain region. You then receive the addresses of moves and, if desired, a selection based on price class or home type.

Monitor customers & avoid risks
Companies and private individuals not always directly inform the bank that a home or business premises that has a mortgage is for sale or has been sold. Especially in these cases, it may be useful for the bank to know that a move is imminent.

Predicting relocations
Insurers are interested in knowing what consumers plan on moving in the short term, because they need to choose a new home or furniture insurance before they move.

Combining relocations with specific housing characteristics
Even the DIY sector can benefit from the move selection of Matrixian Group. By not only paying attention to relocations, but also to the type of address, it is possible to provide specific offers. Homes with a garden, balcony or in a specific price class can be interesting for a specific message.

Other ‘events’ identified by Matrixian Group based on address:

  • Home for sale/sold
  • Home for rent/rented
  • Renovations
  • Business premises
  • Energy label provided
  • Monument status obtained
  • Chance of relocation
  • Chance of divorce