Opportunity map as a practical toolData and roofs, what do the two have to do with each other? A lot, according to our colleague Thijs Herwig, Product Owner Location Intelligence. Thijs was interviewed about this by Nationaal Dakenplan.

Determine roof design

Together with Rooftop Revolution we developed the Sustainable Roofs Opportunity Map, a beautiful illustration that can be used for data analysis to improve the roofs and make them more sustainable. What kind of data is it then? Thijs: “Data with which you can determine the roof potential for certain roof layouts. For example, the year of manufacture and the geometry.” 

Opportunity map as a practical tool

The Sustainable Roofs Opportunity Map is an interactive map of the Netherlands that shows per roof which sustainable interpretation is the most feasible, profitable and advantageous. The map contains datasets of various building properties, such as height, type of roof and year of construction. These are combined with environmental factors such as the water level (after rainfall), the amount of heat stress and solar radiation. “By integrating and modeling these datasets, we can give an optimal interpretation to a specific roof,” says Thijs during the interview. “For example, a modern flat roof in a water stress area is suitable for a green roof with water storage qualities. And an old sloping roof with good solar radiation lends itself well to solar panels.”

Unusual roofs and industrial places

Thijs: “We find it particularly interesting to look at the outliers, the roofs that fall just outside the conventional norms. I personally find large industrial buildings or other public buildings very fascinating. Especially if they have unusual roof geometry.”

Our head office is located right next to the harbor of Amsterdam, something that inspires Thijs: “From our office on the top floor of the building we have a very nice view of all these – mainly empty – roofs. It is very motivating to see that there is more and more done with these roofs. For example, the number of solar panels increases every year. When talking about sustainable roofing, people often think of homes or offices, while there is still a lot to be gained in the industrial areas.”

Take it to the next level

The Opportunity Map is being further developed. Thijs: “The version we have right now does not yet contain complex models. We are currently working with Rooftop Revolution to take the map to the next level.”

We are happy with the connection with the Nationaal Dakenplan. “Roof experts can help and guide us in using this data. And the data can support the work of the other partners.”

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