Data for Logistics update: The overview of all municipal logistics data is now available here. The overview shows for each municipality which data types have been supplied, such as window times, environmental zones and maximum restrictions. At present, around 10% of the top 50 municipalities have supplied the logistics data correctly and completely. We are working hard to increase this number in the coming months.

IT suppliers of logistics planning software and shippers can use this data to enrich their software. Adding information about, among other things, environmental zones and window times to the planning makes freight traffic immediately safer and more efficient: search traffic is prevented, trucks no longer drive through too low tunnels and do not have to run in the city center because an unexpected situation occurs.

The development of the portal is part of the “Data for Logistics” program. The central government works together with data science company Matrixian. Matrixian has been in frequent contact with the municipalities in recent months to collect and verify data.

More information about this initiative can be found in this brochure.