Data Science: we get out of bed for it every morning. We are happy to share the knowledge we have gained in the past ten years with our customers and talented young professionals. How? With a valuable traineeship; a challenging and balanced twelve-month programme, focused on the practice in different sectors.

More and more organisations are becoming ‘data driven’. So it makes sense that data scientists are scarce. In fact, they are currently being fought for. Matrixian Group offers Data Science Trainees. Analytical and social top talents that we have personally prepared for the workplace, where they convert data into valuable insights.


Theoretical knowledge and practical experience

Higher education still provides too few data experts in relation to the urgency in the business world. Moreover, students mainly leave the lecture rooms with theoretical – often related – knowledge, such as mathematics. So: they have the brains, but not the experience. We close this expertise gap ourselves by training talented data scientists. Tailor-made and practice-oriented, so that they quickly learn the trade and are immediately valuable to your organisation. 


It’s all in the mix

Our trainees work together with true professionals. In addition to statistical skills, programming and database knowledge, we strongly focus on the personal learning process. Matrixian Group believes in a mix of hard and soft skills: performing in terms of content, excelling in terms of personality. That is why our trainees receive close guidance from their own Talent Development Manager. They help them get the most out of themselves: both professionally and personally.


Progress through data

Whether our customers are directly looking for a concrete solution or want to hire temporary know-how: with our data skills, we can help them move forward. In one instance, that could be with an enriched database, and in the next, with a loaned Data Science Trainee. Whatever the wishes or ambitions are, our data solutions accelerate the progress.