Amsterdam – Data technology company Matrixian Group will acquire new knowledge and technology from September 1, 2021. With the acquisition of Layers (formerly AR-Producties), Matrixian Group’s data visualizations will make even more impact!

Layers is specialized in developing interactive solutions for businesses. With its knowledge and expertise of hardware and software in the field of Extended Reality – Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR) and Mixed Reality (MR) combined – she helps companies from A to Z with producing campaigns and projects to accelerate business transformation and activate target groups in a unique way. Former owner Maurice Prins: “With our creativity, development skills and 3D artists, we create solutions with impact for great brands and organizations all over the world. From strategy and concept development to the actual construction and maintenance of interactive solutions.”

Luke Liplijn, CEO Matrixian Group, sees an opportunity to take Matrixian Group’s data visualizations to the next level by attracting new knowledge and technology, and thus add value to the business processes of customers. “Extended Reality is not a new technology, but it is a technology that is now ready for the business market,” says Liplijn. This will be visible in the further development of “digital twin” solutions. Visualizing data and developing innovative end-to-end solutions underlines the innovative nature of the organization and is of great strategic value. With the acquisition, Matrixian Group therefore strengthens its market position.

Luke Liplijn: “We believe in the power of location. What people experience in the real world and the places they go are reflections of who they are and what they care about. We help governments and leading (international) companies to use data technology to create better customer experiences, better business results and a more sustainable living environment. All based on our innovative location-driven data platform where we connect the digital world with the physical world. The acquisition of Layers reinforces this strategy.”

Former owner Jos Molema is proud and grateful to see that Layers is now one of the larger international location driven data technology companies: “What started as an idea 7 years ago has grown into a professional organization with (international) clients and a fantastic team of colleagues whom I have seen grow both professionally and personally”.