The power of real estate data in attracting valuable leads

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An interview with Joel Konijn, co-founder and CEO of DatHuis.

DatHuis has become the indispensable partner for real estate agents and financial advisors who strive for growth and success. Here, professionals receive support not only in identifying potential customers, but also in maintaining valuable customer contact. During an interview with Joel Konijn, co-founder and CEO of DatHuis, we discover how the integration of real estate data has made this possible.

Joel Konijn

Joel Konijn

Co-founder and CEO

Innovative solutions for real estate professionals

“DatHuis aims to support real estate agents and financial advisors in guiding people in their housing journey,” Joel explains. “Our B2B2C approach focuses on helping brokers and financial advisors so that they in turn can serve their clients effectively.” This translates into more than 35 information products and services that professionals can easily place on their own website. An attractive pop-up is displayed that invites visitors to take action.

Matrixian Value Check

“In 2021, Matrixian and DatHuis found each other,” says Joel. “We then launched the Matrixian Value Check (at the time still under the name Avix Value Check), with which real estate professionals can obtain leads in a relevant way.” The Matrixian Value Check is a website widget that brokers and financial advisors can easily integrate on their own website. Visitors are then given the opportunity to request a free value check of their home in exchange for their contact details.

Example Matrixian Value Check

As soon as a visitor leaves his or her details, the relevant broker or advisor (if desired) receives a notification by e-mail, so that the new lead can be contacted directly. At the same time, the new lead receives the Matrixian House Value Report, which is compiled based on a wide range of real estate data from Matrixian. “After requesting the free value check, the consumer receives an extensive report with valuable information about the home,” Joel explains. “This allows real estate professionals to stay relevant to their website visitors and build strong relationships.”

“In addition, our marketing automation makes it possible to automatically follow up leads with a personalized message. For example, a broker might send different emails based on the value of the home the lead requested. For example, if a lead requested a home value of more than $500,000, they would receive email A, while a lead who requested a home value of less than $500,000 would receive email B. This way, the broker can be really relevant to the consumer and build the relationship needed to win an assignment,” says Joel.

The power of real estate data

“DatHuis has been using various real estate data from Matrixian since 2021,” Joel explains. “This includes home values, location characteristics, reference properties, the indexed purchase prices and the sale date of homes.

When a consumer requests a value check, all this information is displayed in the Matrixian House Value Report that they automatically receive. This not only gives them insight into the value of the property, but also in many other details about the property and its location. This makes the information that professionals provide relevant and valuable for the consumer.

With this comprehensive real estate data, real estate professionals can improve their services and provide a better experience for their clients, ultimately resulting in greater success and growth for everyone.”

“Matrixian is an extremely reliable and solid party. There is never any API downtime, which is extremely important to us. In addition, the contact is very nice. We can always discuss new products and initiatives with each other.”

Joel Konijn

Co-founder and CEO, DatHuis