Real estate data strengthens innovative real estate agent software from Moving Digital

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An interview with Ferdy van Gool, Product Manager at Moving Digital

With over 1,500 active real estate agents, Moving Digital plays an essential role in online marketing processes within the real estate industry. The company offers all-in-one software packages that help brokers strengthen their brand awareness and customer engagement. We talk to Product Manager Ferdy van Gool about the role of real estate data in optimizing their software and the benefits this provides for their clients.

Ferdy van Gool

Ferdy van Gool

Product Manager

About Moving Digital

“At Moving Digital we help real estate agents with innovative marketing solutions, allowing them to focus on their core activities and provide their clients with the best real estate experience,” Ferdy explains. “Our software automates a wide range of processes, from online campaigns to lead generation and even lead follow-up.”

“We can handle all aspects up to the actual sales part on behalf of the real estate agent. We’ve been doing this successfully for over 15 years.”

The challenge

Two years ago, Moving Digital faced a challenge. Although the company had developed a well-functioning calculation model to predict home values, there was still a lack of up-to-date data from reference properties in their value indication tool.

“At the time, we needed up-to-date data from reference homes to optimize our value indication tool. In addition, we were able to use real estate data to optimize the customer bases of real estate agents. This way we can see whether a prospect has already listed his home with another real estate agent. In this way we help real estate agents use their time more efficiently and avoid wasting time on prospects who have already put their home up for sale elsewhere.”

The solution

For two years now, Moving Digital has received the latest real estate data from Matrixian every week, which helps to improve their services: “Through this collaboration, we can provide real estate agents with up-to-date information, such as the data of reference homes. This enriches our value indication tool, helps with sharing current real estate insights and ensuring that data remains up-to-date.”

“In addition, we can determine whether a homeowner has already put their home up for sale through another real estate agent, so that real estate agents do not waste time on leads that have already been picked up by a competitor. And our customers also appreciate the additional insights we can give them, such as the average square meter price. This type of factual information is always well received and contributes to the satisfaction of our customers.”

“By integrating current real estate data, we can offer real estate agents who use our software a better experience and strengthen their position in the market.”

Ferdy van Gool

Product Manager, Moving Digital