Everything you need to know about CRM data

Forms on your website that are always completed fully and without errors. A CRM system in which the data of your customers is always complete and up-to-date. A utopia? Not at all! With web services, you can achieve this easily and automatically. In this article, we explain how it works.


These are web services

Web service is a link between your CRM, CMS or ERP system and an external database. You retrieve data from this database that you do not have yourself or data you need to be sure is correct. This link ensures that the data in your system is supplemented or corrected in real-time based on the external database. This means you no longer have to worry about keeping your CRM data clean.


Auto-completing data

A CRM system only works properly if the CRM data it contains is accurate and complete. Practice has shown that not everyone is equally meticulous with filling out this type of data. Web services offer a solution here. Complete just one field, and the other data, such as address, URL, legal form of the business, the number of employees and the founding date, are automatically loaded in. Without errors.


Web services complete your CRM data and keep it up-to-date

This means you get a complete image of a customer via online services. Something marketeers are also happy about. Because the more you know about a (potential) customer, the better you can segment and the more effective your marketing campaigns are. But you do need to keep the data up-to-date. This is done via web services as well. Mutations such as relocations and bankruptcy are changed directly in the CRM. This way, you keep the data quality of your customer base high with online services, without having to worry about it.


Web shop? More conversion with web services!

Everyone with a web shop knows: the more data you have customers complete, the more they drop out. And that results in lost revenue! Online services offer a solution here, too. Have your customer indicate only their postal code and house number, and the other fields will be completed automatically. That has multiple advantages: you offer your customer additional service, increase conversion and the handling of the order goes smoothly. It is no coincidence that online services are a popular tool among web entrepreneurs.


Web services manual

Matrixian Group offers customised web services that are tailored to different wishes and situations. In principle, online services can be built into any CMS, ERP or CRM system as a data link (if the system allows it). We have developed a manual for this, specifically for programmers and developers. You can find it here.