If you want to increase your conversion, then you need to target your customer in the most targeted way possible. Especially if you know exactly who your target audience is. Preferably, you target one-on-one. I notice that many marketeers think they are limited to phone calls or direct mailing for this. But that is not the case. These days, you can also target one-on-one with social media campaigns using purchased data or data from your own CRM system. And that is cheap, effective and easy.


Sharpshooting with social media campaigns

As a marketeer, when creating marketing campaigns, you are always looking for the right target group, and you want to waste as little of the advertisement budget on the wrong eyes as possible. Especially when it comes to increasing conversion, you want to be sharpshooting with your ad. It was not that long ago when social media campaigns only allowed you to shoot randomly by targeting profiles in a specific region. But these days, you can also target based on the contact and address details of your ideal customer and link that data to the social media account of your ideal customer.

This way, you can fire your message directly at them via their Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram account or Adwords in Google. Your conversion shoots up and you only have to (let) load the data into a campaign tool.


Linking data to social media accounts

An example of how this works: As marketeer of a wholesaler, you want to sell a hair product to hairdressers. On the one hand, you want to gain new barber shops, but on the other hand, you know your existing customers are interested in the new line of the product. Your ideal target audience consists of home hairdressers and barber shops. Then your data supplier looks for the customer data in your CRM system and creates a new list of all barber shops and home hairdressers in the Netherlands. That data will then be linked to the social media account connected to that address. This way, only those people get to see your ad.

This allows you to easily gain new customers with purchased data and upsell with existing data in your CRM system. This also saves a lot of time and money. Increasing your conversion has never been easier.