Matrixian Group has received the Privacy Guarantee quality mark. The DDMA Privacy Authority assessed that Matrixian Group has properly embedded ‘the privacy legislation and self-regulation’ into its data processing process. The Privacy Guarantee is a quality mark that allows organisations to demonstrate that they handle personal data in a correct and careful manner. These organisations have set strict rules for themselves that go beyond the legal obligations for the use of personal data for advertising and marketing purposes.

DDMA Privacy Authority: ‘Consumatrix has successfully completed the Privacy Guarantee Security Check. Its organisational information security has been accredited with the security label: Gold. Matrixian Group has ensured information security within the organisation and defined policy relating to operational processes, access management, good governance and engaging third parties’.

Luke Liplijn, founder Matrixian Group: ‘the fact that our data processing is privacy proof is a confirmation of the care with which we deal with data processing. The first Privacy Guarantee quality marks were awarded to ANWB, DELA and Stichting Alzheimer Nederland. We have now received the Privacy Guarantee quality mark as well, which is truly satisfactory’.

‘Continuously streamlining information regarding the postal code information of approximately 7.5 million addresses in the Netherlands is done by a specialised team of experts who understand the complex issues of the information flow and the choices of customers, as well as set up and implement ‘best practices’ for responsible privacy and data security.’

Matrixian Group helps organisations find, reach and accept the right target audience. Privacy legislation and self-regulation are important conditions for this as well. For more information: