Data Science: that is the reasons that gets us get out of bed every day. Our goal for 2019: sharing the knowledge we gain. We do this in practical training courses and three knowledge areas that contribute to a data-driven, innovative society. Today part 1:

Data literacy

Digitization is more than a more efficient organization of organizations and processes. The data that is created gives us new insights for innovative strategies and products. Where previously a lot of  decisions were made on intuition, it is now possible to use data to make the most reliable or optimal choice. But don’t we know better than data ourselves? Don’t we make the influence of technology too great? Without organization-wide attention to data literacy, this is a risk.

Data literacy is the ability to extract valuable information from data. Data literate employees can independently recognize, interpret and discuss business data from their field. Creating a data-literate corporate culture immediately makes an organization more data-driven. It strengthens the bridge between scientific thinking and business expertise so that each department can have an impact on the chosen strategy, investment or innovation.

“We empower people, business and society with data to create opportunities”

Matrixian Group provides various (incompany) training that increase the data literacy within your organization in a low-threshold and practical way.